2020 Update

Hello from the 2020 Covid quarantine. I am doing really well, still med free and still using diet and lifestyle to control my MS symptoms. Full disclosure, I can’t run or sprint anymore. I don’t think I can walk more than two miles at a time, I haven’t officially measured. *BUT* these are skills I’m working on regaining. I still work full time, run a household, cook all the meals (I am still eating that chili!!!), lift weights, etc.

Last year I did some major soul searching about starting meds because of the progression I was feeling in my legs. Just like I did originally in 2010, I did a hard core 30 days concentrating on food, movement, stress reduction with goals and rules and just like in 2010, at the end of 30 days I felt amazing and far away from going on meds.

My life with MS is completely manageable. Anyone who is reading this that is newly diagnosed or having a bad time with their MS- I truly believe that through food, movement, good mindset, stress reduction, and good sleep MS can be controlled and quality of life can be optimized. Maybe you can’t move the way you want to but you can move something. I highly suggest The MS Gym if you feel very bogged down by a symptom to the point that you can’t imagine improvement.

Please contact me through my Facebook page if you want to ask any questions or talk about anything!