2018 Update

I want to update you all on my progress in using diet and lifestyle to control disease. I’ve had MS for eleven years now. I started using diet and lifestyle to control my disease about seven years ago. In the first three years after my DX (diagnosis) I had rapid decline. It was leg weakness that motivated me to try a radical diet overhaul. I was about to go on Tysabri but I said to myself, let me try this diet and lifestyle thing for thirty days and see what happens before I commit to a monthly infusion of an IV drug. The diet overhaul was life changing which you can read about in older blog posts. Since my last blog post I have had some decline but it is nothing like what I experienced in the first three years.

Since my last blog post there have been some life changes. I had a daughter four years ago, that is the biggest thing. My website switched to a new hosting company and a new platform, I started a new business in addition to the job I already have and maintain and one of my beloved dogs died. That’s about it for changes. Everything else remains the same. I feel amazing, I have an incredible quality of life, I’m still using diet and lifestyle to control this disease. The only decline I’ve had (I believe) came from taking 3 different antibiotic prescriptions in the same year. I can’t walk more than 1.5 miles without resting my leg. My right leg is a problem right now. I believe it will get better.