Brussel’s Sprouts

Maybe a tad too much prep time with the quartering, but worth it.

  • Preheated 425 degree oven
  • 1 bag of brussel sprouts, rinsed
  • olive oil
  • salt, I like kosher or coarse sea salt
  • pepper
  • garlic powder or fresh, pressed to taste
  • smoked paprika (MS’ers and autoimmune people should not eat parpika, you can leave it out)

Turn the oven on to 425.

Put the oil and seasoning in the bowl and let the seasoning flavor the oil while you prep the sprouts

Cut the bottom off the Brussels sprouts and peel the first layer or two of outer leaves off. quarter the sprouts

Toss the sproutsĀ in a the bowl with the oil and seasoning.

Lay the sprouts out on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for 20 minutes.