AIP cookies by Sweet T’s Cakes Wilmington, NC

This recipe was developed by Sweet T’s Cakes in Wilmington, NC


1/4 C dried apricots

1/4 C prunes

1/8 C currants

1/4 C dark chocolate chunked (optional)

4 Dates, peeled and mashed or 1/3 C date syrup

4C cauliflower, pulverized

1t. baking powder

1t. baking soda

3T coconut oil

1/2 t. orange extract or orange zest

1C pumpkin puree

4-7 bacon slices

dash cinnamon

1 egg (optional)

ginger powder or fresh ginger, shredded, to taste a little goes a long way

parchment paper


Pre heat the oven to 350

Fry the bacon pieces, remove the bacon from the pan and reserve. Cook the cauliflower in the bacon grease until thoroughly cooked. You want it to not smell or taste like cauliflower. Mix all the ingredients including the bacon together, then spoon the ‘dough’ onto the parchment paper. I sprayed my parchment paper with coconut oil spray. Cook them for 20 minutes, they burn easily so watch them! You can add honey or stevia if you are not trying to avoid sugar or sweet. There’s already so much fruit in here, you’re already eating a lot so you may as well make it sweeter if you want. These cookies are different every time we make them. I will post an updated recipe if I find some magical element that isn’t included here.