2021 Summary and update

This year I was carnivore for the entire year, started my health coaching certification through Chris Kresser’s ADAPT program, started taking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and started taking low dose naltrexone. That is a lot considering I was on *nothing* before. Now I have a weekly injection of estrodoil (or whatever it’s called!) and then progesterone for the last 14 days of my cycle, DHEA every morning and then a 4 days on 3 days off schedule with the LDN. I’m on the f’ing pharma wheel now (eye roll emoji). Despite the horrible attitude displayed in the last sentence, I am extremely happy and satisfied in my life. Still raising a thriving family, working full time, working out regularly, sleeping great, eating well, etc. MS wise I can’t run and my handwriting is really bad/ non existent *but* I believe when I have time I can correct those things with concentrated PT and strict dietary adherence.