More thoughts about broth and meat and the end of sugar…for now.

So I tweeted Robb Wolf asking if he thought a week of broth and meat is overkill and got no response, same with Kresser. No response. Balanced bites did respond saying that a week of broth and meat is overkill. That I should just keep doing what I am doing and that will be good. So I put it out there as an open question to the world of facebook to see what others would say. I got literally half and half responses between doing it and not doing it. From credible sources at that! Considering my confusion, I have decided to do 3 days of broth and meat only and then reintroduce vegetables, coconut and tubers in that order. I was supposed to start on the 15th but I got sidetracked with some family stuff that involved travel so I will start September 23rd. This Friday.

Another thing I did for the past 5 days was completely eliminate sugar. There have been no gluten free baked goods, no fruit, no sweet tastes of any kind. It was not easy. Like most addictions, this one has a huge mental element to it. One of the hardest times I had was going outlet shopping. The last time I went outlet shopping was with an old friend and we had milkshakes for lunch from a fudge shop. My milk shake was with black cherry ice cream mixed with dark chocolate fudge. It was delicious, though I did stop tasting it about half way through. Not that I stopped drinking it halfway through, I just noticed I wasn’t tasting it anymore. So, I now have an association with shopping at outlets with having a great time with an old friend and drinking a milkshake. The ultimate test for my recent sugar elimination! I was shopping with my husband and I wanted a black cherry milkshake more than life. But I didn’t drink one and I didn’t eat any other sugar either. Quite the empowering day. Needless to say, that was the last frontier. My cravings are gone. 5 days with no sugar and the spare tire I have been cultivating around my waist has already pretty much disappeared. Tuesday through Friday at Crossfit Wilmington this week will take care of the rest. Then it is on to my Christmas goal of becoming a size 2. A not unreasonable goal for a girl of 5’2″.