Neurologists: a necessary evil?

I have been procrastinating about getting an updated MRI because I always think I am pregnant. If there is any chance I am pregnant, I don’t want to subject myself to gadolinium or the MRI machine. I had my yearly appointment scheduled with Dr. Mark Skeen at Duke University Medical Center the first week of January and planned to have my MRI the minute I got my period this month. Things have not worked out that way!

I really like Dr. Skeen. Of all the MS Dr.’s I have been to, he has the best personality. Last year when I told him I was controlling my MS with diet and lifestyle he said he would consider anything i sent him to look at but of course I never did send him the Robb Wolf book or anything else. I was excited about last year’s MRI which showed no disease progression and 0 brain atrophy. He was cautiously optimistic but would not get all excited with me. He also tried to get me to commit to starting a drug regiment. I put him off with my usual pregnancy spiel. I tell all the Dr.’s I will go on meds as soon as I am finished having babies and that usually gets them off my back. Dr. Skeen was no different and didn’t push the issue.

When I got a message from Duke appointments that Dr. Skeen had rescheduled my appointment to late February I didn’t mind. But when they told me he had relegated me to his PA, I was pissed. Duke is a 2 hour drive and there is no way I am driving 2 hours to see a PA. I understand why he passed me off to the PA. I am a relatively low maintenance patient. I only called his office once so he could issue me a valium for last year’s MRI since I am claustrophobic in the machine. Other than that I have never called him or needed him. I was pissed, though, because I really wanted him to be there for this year’s MRI. Judging from how I feel physically (no symptoms) I expect to see regression on the MRI.

So, I am now trying to get in with my old neuro, Dr. Areen Said at Coastal Neurology of NC. I have started the process of getting an appointment with him and will report my MRI results as soon as I get them. Barring pregnancy I should have all this squared away by February. I will keep you updated! I am nervous about going to Dr. Said because he was a bit mad at me when I didn’t show up for my spinal tap 3 years ago. We got through it and he remained my Dr. until he left town due to bad work conditions at Wilmington Health Associates, but I suspect my file is stamped ‘troublemaker.’

Once I see the most recent MRI results and if they show the regression I am expecting, I will not return to the neurologist for 5 years. I am very confident that I won’t have an exacerbation or need a neurologist. I look forward to going back to my old life of never needing a Dr. I see a dermatologist regularly because I am full of moles, but other than that I have had excellent health until my MS diagnosis 5 years ago. If and when I do get pregnant, after reading Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code I am even thinking midwife.