Smashing Conventional Wisdom Part 2

If I wanted this blog post to be 3 days long instead of 2 parts long (check out part 1 HERE) I would go into the horrific conventional wisdom regarding fat. Instead of discussing fat (which is a good thing and an integral part of my diet), here is my latest myth of conventional wisdom that has been busted. I prefer to shop hungry and cook hungry. I posted this revelation on my Facebook page and people were outraged. Only .5% of commenters concurred with me. That made me realize there is a caveat. I have to be in a really good place to pull it off. My insulin has to be rock solid and my hunger has to develop after a spectacular first meal earlier in the day. And each time there has been a morning work out with heavy weights.

I first noticed this when I experimented with intermittent fasting. A couple of times I went from 5pm to 5pm without eating. Literally 2 times. Both times I cooked a feast fit for visiting paleo royalty which i started cooking 2 hours before I was scheduled to break my fast. I cooked enough food for 4 days in that 2 hours. Without eating bites of ingredients and tasting while cooking because I knew my 24 hours weren’t quite up .

It happened again with grocery shopping and cooking the past few week. My schedule has been: wake up at the crack of dawn, drink a mug of broth while I cook the kid’s breakfast and prepare my brunch which will be eaten between 10:30 -11:00 a.m. I cook a vegetable in fat if I don’t have something already roasted. I also include meat, leftover or quickly seared. And berries, about 10. Also a carb because this will be eaten after the gym. I do a fasted workout 1.5 hours after waking up and hustle to the office to eat the food I prepared and get to work. Standing work station all day then straight home to cook dinner. This is when I have been cooking fabulous feasts. I cook best when I get home from work, famished and buzzing with relief to be back with my family. And if I have to stop at the grocery store beforehand my shopping and choices are spot on.

I like this new myth. That shopping hungry is optimal. I am enjoying this food clarity. I want to experiment with it more but if I don’t get my period soon that means I am going to start following Chris Kresse’s Healthy Baby Code and abandoning all dietary experimentation. Fingers crossed!

***Update, when I wrote this I was pregnant and didn’t know it! I have moved to eating as soon as I wake up and my schedule is totally different now. But as soon as I have this baby and get breast feeding under control, I am going back to this schedule.******